December 22, 2015

TEAM 2.0 ™

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Effective Leadership for First-Line Managers and Supervisors

(How to Build Engagement, Reduce Conflict and Increase Cooperation)


Here are the shocking facts from Gallup’s 2015 national poll of over 80,000 surveyed workers:


FACT:  52% of employees have a perpetual case of the Mondays – they’re present but not engaged or excited about their jobs.

FACT:  18% of employees are actively disengaged or, as Gallup CEO Jim Clifton put it in the report, “roam the halls spreading discontent.”

FACT:  Actively disengaged employees cost companies up to $550 billion in annually lost productivity.

FACT:  This adds up to 70% of staff that “have little or no concern about customers, productivity, profitability, waste, safety or mission,” says Clifton.


Every business leader knows that teamwork and engagement are not just nice – they are crucial. “A house divided against itself will not stand,” and a business where people can not cooperate will not last. The number one reason employees are fired is because they can’t get along with someone else in the company. One of the top reasons employees leave companies is because they can’t work with their boss or co-worker. This workshop is an action-packed 1/2 day program with proven strategies and techniques to help every leader, manager or supervisor in your company build employee engagement and teamwork. They will be able to reduce employee conflict and increase productivity.

Topics include:

• 21st Century team challenges

• Giving the gift of honor – mutual respect

• Creating vision

• Building trust – the glue of good team relationships

• Energizing hard work

• Taking initiative

• Solving problems together

• Taking charge of your attitude even when you’re having a bad day

• Recharging the enthusiasm, fun, and laughter

• Improving communication

• Effective listening skills

• Managing conflict with tact and self-control

• Overcoming stress and burnout

• The 29 most important words for great teamwork


This workshop is for first line managers and supervisors who want to:

  • Increase cooperation
  • Energize people
  • Rev up productivity
  • Solve their worst workplace problems
  • See employees take greater initiative
  • Resolve conflict
  • Build greater pride and professionalism


‘The only thing worse than training an employee and losing them is to not train them and keep them.”- Zig Ziglar






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