May 24, 2019


For your customized presentation, Bill can speak on the following topics (One hour each)

Trust — the Glue of Good Relationships

Listening is Silent Loving

Why Teams Fail (and how to help them succeed)

Eliminate the word “just” (take pride in your craft)

The 36 Most Important Words in Life

Overcoming Stress and Burnout

Communicating Respect (the most important people principal)

Kindness — the “Miracle Grow” of Human Relationships

How to Stay Motivated

Opportunity Doesn’t Always Knock (Sometimes it RINGS!) — telephone excellence

10 Basics of Outstanding Service

Effective Leadership

Handling Difficult Customers

How to Have a Bad Day (Taking charge of your attitude when things go wrong)

10 Steps to Winning and Retaining Customers

Who Signs your Paycheck?