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Do you put more emphasis on attracting new customers or keeping the ones you have? This is an action-packed half-day workshop where you’ll discover the secrets of customer loyalty and acquire the skills to help you dazzle customers. Learn proven strategies and techniques to keep customers coming back. Learn how to turn tough situations into future sales opportunities.

TEAM 2.0

Every business leader knows that teamwork is not just nice – it’s necessary. “A house divided against itself will not stand,” and a business where people are not working together will not last. This workshop teaches the basics of effective leadership for First Line Managers and Supervisors.


Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials… a recipe for cooperation or disaster? There are now four generations in the workplace/marketplace with different expectations, motivations, attitudes, and behaviors. This workshop is a dynamic 1/2 day program with proven strategies and techniques to help leaders/managers understand these generational differences.


We are on a mission to help your company create lifetime loyal customers

Bill Drury is an award-winning speaker and customer service expert. Over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies have sent attendees to Bill's workshops. More than 500 Chambers of Commerce have sponsored Bill’s “Passion for Service” workshop with rave reviews. He is on a mission to help businesses create lifetime loyal customers and effective leaders. He researches, writes, speaks, and travels extensively. Since beginning his professional speaking career with the Zig Ziglar Corporation, he has given over 2000 keynotes, workshops or presentations. Bill has proven to be one of the most effective and entertaining speakers in the industry. He is noted for his humorous and enthusiastic presentations. He is someone who believes learning must be fun to be productive. His presentation will enhance your organization's ability to compete in the rapidly changing business world of today.

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